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New Ways Counselling

Childrens Counsellling Service


I have worked with Children and adolescents for over five years and during this time I have worked for various agencies and in various setting such as schools and Colleges.


Here at New ways we promote the ethos of treating everyone as an individual and we offer a safe, comfortable and ethical setting where we are non judgmental and do not tell you what to do but encourage exploration of thoughts and feeling through communication via Art and creative play therapy and  cognitive behavioural therapy.

Counselling Children and Adolescent varies to that of counselling Adults even though the objective is the same. Methods used in counselling children and Adolescents often is reflective on the developmental stage of the client and presenting issue. Our role here is to support the client whilst they explore their understanding of their world and their problems so that they can make their own decisions rather than us making it for them. During counselling sessions strategies are explored matched to the individual needs so that resilience can be developed and for the client to thrive.


£35.00 per session


If you have any questions please give us a call and we will be happy to answer.


“Imagination creates hope and hope creates new beginnings”- Vanessa Coope

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