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New Ways Counselling

What is counselling?

What can we offer?

Counselling offers you the opportunity to explore and examine your difficulties. A counsellor will listen to your concerns actively in a private and confidential setting without being judgmental or prejudiced. A counselling enviroment encourages you as an individual to identify thoughts and explore feelings to overcome blocks to personal effectiveness. Counselling can help you to examine beliefs, identify resources and reflect on patterns of behaviour. A counsellor will not make decisions for you or direct you but will respect you as an individual. Successful counselling is a joint process that requires you to be motivatied and actively involved. When you decide to find a counsellor this in itself is a statement that you want to make changes in your life.


To get the most out of your counselling sessions you will need to arrive on time so that you get your full hour. Counselling at times can be very demanding , frustrating, emotional, in other words, plain difficult, and there can be a real reluctance to attend. It is important that absences are kept to a minimum as too many gaps will slow down your progress within a counselling session. Think about what you want to explore and what is causing you distress. When it is appropriate  tasks may be given to be completed outside of the sessions: this is an integral part to the counselling and requires a commitment for the benifit of your progress. The number of sessions you may require will depend on your individual needs.

We can offer counselling both short and long term matched to a wide variety of needs:


* Bereavement

* Low mood/Depression

* Childhood issues


* Self esteem

* Confidence

* Eating disorders

* Stress Managment/Anger management

* Emotional problems


From January 2012 we will also offer group therapy so you may explore thoughts and feelings with others.